About Neuroplus

Join us today by playing educative games in our website and allow us to assist your learning process.

Your Lifelong Educare Assistant

Neuroplus uses AI and gamification to personalize your cognitive rehabilitation program. You will also find amiable animal friends to accompany you and attainable goals to keep you motivated throughout this program.


Throught measuring the values of brainwaves, we can know the a actual status of your child.

7 categories

Through experts of cognitive rehabilitation, we could categorize important factors.

AI based analysis

We are embedding AI based precise diagnoses for efficient rehabilitation for each child.

Progress Tracker

Data-based results

Through weekly report and organized data based on categories, you may see how your child has been doing at a glance.

smart assistant

AI assistant who knows more about me.

Accumulated data of Neuroplus gives positive feedback for our AI service. Try an effective learning through our analyzed data of your child. We also recommend appropriate trainings of proper levels. 

Fun learning

Animals will be your companion.

Through animals that represent each category, the child may feel that they are studying together with the animal, and feel that they are his or her companion.